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Our Lenten journey begins Wednesday March 5 with Ash Wednesday Service at 7:00m. Come join the journey and seek to answer the question…

 “Does God still Speak Today?” 

Lenten sermon series by Pastor Kate Killebrew is “Course Corrections”   How can we understand our relationship with Jesus in new ways?  Where are we off- course?  Come Sunday mornings at 10:30 to hear sermons like “Why Me, Lord?”  “My Bad or Me Bad?” “You Lost Me”  and “ReBranding”

Lenten Evening Study series is on Sunday nights beginning at 5:30 with a soup supper. How Does God speak to us in arts, music, novels and movies?  Come to the lounge to discuss God’s voice in books and movies like “Harry Potter” and “The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.”  All ages are encouraged to attend!

Palm Sunday Worship on April 13 and Easter Worship on April 20


Come Worship With Us – Jesus Stand Among Us

Is This You? … Lord I Want To Be A Christian In My Heart

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