Living Waters for the World

This year we are jumping into the Water!

We began our Mission outreach this year by donating $1,000 to the Water Purification project installing a system in our partner churches in Cardenas, Cuba.  This enables the church to offer clean, parasite free water to the community and church members.  The program Living waters for the World began as a mission outreach by the Presbyterian Synod of the Living waters.

Living Waters for the World was conceived in the early 90’s by Wil Howie, a minister who believed that the Synod of Living Waters, of which he is a member, could literally bring life-saving, “living” water to people throughout the world.

Since its inception, LWW has partnered with mission teams to empower local community leaders to install and operate over 400 clean-water systems in major developing areas of the world and in 2005, it expanded its mission to address water quality issues in the Appalachian Region of the United States. On average, one new clean-water system is installed somewhere in the world each week.

View this video: Water Changes Everything 

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