Christian Education

We have new Children’s Bulletins. They are available in the Narthex next to the regular bulletins.


303It all begins with Baptism.  Here is one of our newest members of the Family of God.  Aaron’s  journey will continue in nursery care in our beautiful and spacious nursery.  He will then move to our toddler class. Following the children’s sermon children ages 4-11 go to experience the Bible through story, song, and art. The children leave service and proceed to Calvin Hall where they are told a Bible story using various techniques. Our Current Curriculum is called Shine which integrates the story with, a song, and activities that all tie in to the overall bible verse/ theme.   The children then  continue to explore the message learned in the Bible story through activities and crafts. If you have any questions about these or other programs, please contact Karen Schuehler, chair person of the Christian Education committee or Gretchen Kolecki our Director of Christian Education at Sunday School starts after the children’s sermon during service which starts at 10:30am.

Confirmation Class

We begin with the beginning (Genesis) and learn about the Old Testament, the New Testament and most importantly who Jesus is through different media and experiences.  Classes usually are twice a month and each 8th grader (or older)  in the class is expected to do two service projects, attend worship on Sunday, take 10 pictures of “Where I see God” and compose a Faith Statement in order to join the church in May.

Parents can access this link which is a write up of a study by the Lilly Foundation  about Collingswood Presbyterian Confirmation Program.


We dedicated the Newly renovated Church library this summer.  Check out the online catalog on the tab “LIBRARY” on this web site.  There are great books for children, youth and adults.  GROW IN YOUR FAITH!


bible-studyBible Study Groups are now forming……….

Contact session with what time that works for you!!!

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