Christmas Luncheon

Following the Christmas pageant held during worship on December 20, 2015, we will celebrate the ministry of the Rev. Katherine Killebrew with a luncheon in the dining room.   Everyone is invited to enjoy a great lunch and offer thanks for Pastor Kate’s 10 years of ministry.

Sign up with the church office or fill out a registration form in the bulletin.


Living Waters for the World

This year we are jumping into the Water!

We began our Mission outreach this year by donating $1,000 to the Water Purification project installing a system in our partner churches in Cardenas, Cuba.  This enables the church to offer clean, parasite free water to the community and church members.  The program Living waters for the World began as a mission outreach by the Presbyterian Synod of the Living waters.

Living Waters for the World was conceived in the early 90’s by Wil Howie, a minister who believed that the Synod of Living Waters, of which he is a member, could literally bring life-saving, “living” water to people throughout the world.

Since its inception, LWW has partnered with mission teams to empower local community leaders to install and operate over 400 clean-water systems in major developing areas of the world and in 2005, it expanded its mission to address water quality issues in the Appalachian Region of the United States. On average, one new clean-water system is installed somewhere in the world each week.

View this video: Water Changes Everything 

How can I serve God?

A new year and a chance to begin again.  Jump into this year with the Bible  and study the Book ” We Make the Road by Walking” by Brian McLaren.  Its a weekly devotional book that takes you through the year and the Bible so you can grow in faith.   Sunday morning discussion group is held in the Lounge at 9:15am.   Follow Pastor Kate’s Blog (click on right hand side of main page of this web site)

Perhaps connecting with young children is your calling. If so, please volunteer to teach a Bible lesson or a craft with our kids in church school, Sunday mornings.

Interested in being a mentor to a teen?  We have a place for you!  Our youth group is led by Member Dennis Kolecki and meets on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm.  The kids need   adults to grow in faith and make good decisions, so please consider helping out !  The middle school kids go on a retreat in North Jersey the first weekend of December and we need drivers and chaperones.  A summer mission trip is usually planned as well.

Perhaps Mission is the place for you.  Our . Mission committee under the direction of Elder  is looking for members who want to make a difference in the world by helping with food, aiding the homeless and building water filtration systems in Cuba.  Sounds like your calling?  Then give the church a call and join in!

Would you like to help us stay connected with those who are aren’t in church?  The Deacons are looking for secret saints who will send cards, make calls, and pray for those who are having a hard time getting to church.   Maybe your call will bring them the strength they need to return to health!

Maybe painting, weeding or cleaning up the church building is your thing.  We could use some help this year as we work on painting our windows, cutting down the climbing ivy and cleaning up the kitchens.  If you can devote a day or two to the property give us a call!

Or maybe you have noticed something that would be a great ministry or mission for our church or community.  Talk to some others and make a plan.  We can help you make it happen!

Make it a faithful Year!