Rev. Higgs’ Sermons

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11-3-19 Climbing, Climbing, Climbing – A short, rich, hated tax collector learns that no matter what society thinks of him, Jesus wants to be his friend.

10-27-19 The Blessed Life – What does it mean to live a truly blessed life. Hint: it’s not what you think.

10-20-19 Justice Rising – Jesus discusses what He means by praying constantly.

10-13-19 Exceeding Expectations – Jesus answers the main question about faith: quantity or quality

10-6-19 The Victory of the Last – Contrary to the ways of this world, Jesus Christ rewards the true heroes of the world, not the wealthy, powerful, or strong 

9-29-19 The Audacity of Hope – Having hope is absurd, yet throughout the Bible, God is always inspiring people to do ridiculous things in the hope for a better future

9-15-19 Welcome Back – No matter what we have done in life, God is more than willing to drop everything to welcome us home

9-8-19 The Harbor – The Church is like a harbor, receiving people, restoring them, and sending them back out into the world

8-25-19 Three Strikes and You’re In – The first person to whom Jesus revealed he was the Messiah was a foreign woman with a questionable past

8-18-19 The Ungrateful Invalid – God expects us to use our abilities, whatever they may be, not ignore them or deny them

 8-11-19 Karen’s Dilemma – Having a knowledge of the love of God makes it easier to deal with the unexpected issues of life