Signs of Christ

Signs of Christ

A Scriptural Witness to the issues facing our society

During the summer of 2020, CPC is posting signs along our fences on Fern Ave. and Maple Ave. offering Christian commentary on the issues facing us today. Each sign has a scriptural grounding.

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Signs of Christ

Join our Christian Banner Project Promoting Justice and Equality!

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We are hanging signs on our fence to reflect our Christian response to today’s issues, offering hope and inspiration for our community.

We seek members of the wider community to make signs for the fence.

To make sure that the signs reflect CPC’s values advocating peace and God’s love for all, they will be reviewed by the church.

You participation is very welcome!  Send your draft ideas via email to the church office We should reply within 24 hours and include a list of sign material and paint specifications.

If you can help by either previewing signs or by assist the creators with hanging their contributions, please send a note to Pastor Bob at with the subject: Sign Project.

We look forward to your help in building this ministry of Christian witness to our community!

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